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Euronext Brussels recognises the Board's duty to lead on Climate with a bell-ringing ceremony

Chapter Zero Brussels was honoured to be invited to open the markets today, at Euronext Brussels, marking the beginning of a partnership between the two organisations that is based on common beliefs and an understanding of the importance to bring "Climate on Board".

We feel that climate risks & opportunities are material for companies and share the belief that the board has a key role in understanding and guiding their companies through the transition.

Chapter Zero Brussels and Euronext shared a commitment to work together to raise awareness and continue to support companies, and their boards, to take action on climate change. This may include organising future events together and looking for ways to share & spread knowledge on critical topics.

We were honoured to have Philippe Joubert of Earth on Board join us a key note speaker. We will share the key messages from his speech in the coming days.

We also took the opportunity to share our report that was recently launched entitled "Overcoming Barriers to Effective Climate Governance". Many of the themes outlined in the report were mentioned by the speakers, including the need to educate and up skill the board on critical topics.

As Natacha Lippens, Chair of Chapter Zero Brussels said "One thing I thought was particularly interesting in the findings of this report, was the importance of People and Talent and more specifically the importance of education, continuous education and up-skilling of directors. We saw that among the leading companies, the ones with Boards already taking action, the majority said they had at least 1 or more climate competent directors on the board"

Chapter Zero Brussels is working to build a network of Board Directors who are engaged, educated and acting on climate within their companies. One of the ways we do this is throughout flagship training program, co-organised with Vlerick Business School called The Director Climate Journey.

You can see the bell-ringing in action here:


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