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Our vision is to leverage the central position of Board of Directors, the European Union Institutions and the World Economic Forum in the fight against Climate Change, to reduce global emissions and ensure a sustainable future for all.


We empower Board of Directors across Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU to ensure climate accountability and act on reducing GHG emissions resulting directly and indirectly from their companies activities.


We are the Brussels chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative (CGI), in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. The CGI gathers a network of national and regional chapters around the world. 

Our activities are focused on:

  • Empowering:  We provide first-class knowledge programs, fact-based content, practical tools and best practices to empower directors to act.

  • Connecting: We provide a network for directors to connect and exchange best practice among themselves, with key experts and stakeholders.  We ensure dialogue with leading EU officials on pertinent climate policy topics.

Our non-profit organization is registered in Brussels as "Climate Governance asbl/vzw" (Reg num: BE 0765.424.327) and operates under the Chapter Zero Brussels brand.

We Do

We enable board directors across Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU to build the knowledge and network they need to become climate-competent and thrive in their role.

What We Do


From offering the Director Climate Journey education and networking program to hosting flagship EU events with key EU officials, board directors and chairs, we focus our projects and activities on engaging and empowering board of directors to ensure Effective Climate Governance within their boards. 

Our Projects & Activities
  • Engaging with the key climate, regulatory  and business stakeholders

  • Offering  networking opportunities for members and partners

  • Sharing best practice, practical tools and resources to advance climate governance

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