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This is our flagship climate training & networking program for directors and full boards. It includes 8 workshops and a site visit professionally facilitated and supported by recognized experts and thought leaders.

So far four cohorts of the Director Climate Journey have been successfully filled. 

The next cohort starts in September 2023.

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Starts 21 September 2023


This programme is organized in partnership with
Vlerick Business School


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Upcoming Editions

This blended programme combines live online sessions and in-person sessions. Through expert presentations, group discussions, curated reading lists and simulations, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools you need to strategically debate climate risks and opportunities.

21 September - 12 December 2023 

In Person & Online

€ 3800 (excl. 21% VAT)


For whom

This programme is designed for directors who are on the board of a profit or non-profit organisation.


We recommend two directors from each company apply – to develop a shared approach and provide mutual support.

If you’re an aspiring board member, you may be able to apply. Please get in touch to discuss.

Added Value

  • Become climate-competent in a safe, confidential space

  • Learn from experts in climate, corporate governance and business

  • Build a network of like-minded peers to share ideas and experiences with

  • Continue your journey after the programme ends with regular discussions, an online forum and one-year review

More Information

Download our brochure to read more about the program and the faculty & experts

Programme Design

Session 1: The evolving role of boards in the context of Climate Change (In collaboration with Earth on Board) Understand how ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option for companies, and how this new normal is changing the traditional role of the board of directors. It will give participants an understanding of the existing or upcoming sustainability-related disruptions for business models and provide them with concepts and examples to spark the discussion within their boards. Our speaker will also show how global progress in the recognition of the role companies should play regarding environmental and social issues is fundamentally changing the nature of Board duties and potentially exposing directors.

Session 2: Climate Context: Science, causes, impacts and implications Gain a global overview of the physics of climate change, the latest predictions of the consequences of this unmitigated acceleration and a bird’s eye view of technologies and solutions that can help us prevent a climate disaster.

Session 3: Materiality, Stakeholders & Reporting Discovering the concept of materiality and learning to apply it in combination with stakeholder engagement as a basis for setting priorities and targets in sustainability. Materiality from a strategic sustainability perspective. We will also cover reporting and disclosure and gain an understanding of the European reporting rules & regulations that may impact your business.

Session 4: Forest & Climate Walk Hear from an expert guide on the implications of climate change on the Sonian forest in Belgium, but also on the resiliency and benefits of protecting forest ecosystems in the fight against climate change. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a walk in the forest and discuss together during an informal dinner after the walk.

Session 5: Sustainable Finance Understand the climate change-related risks and opportunities on the financial ecosystem of your company. The audience will gain a better understanding of climate-related stranded assets and their role in the valuation of the company. The session will also cover the role of carbon markets in reducing emissions and the role of boards in the strategic decision of paying for pollution or investing in low carbon technology.

Session 6: Business Strategy & Transformation Gain practical advice and resources to build effective climate strategies. The session will cover risks and opportunities, how to move from emission targets to an effective and integrated environmental strategy, including case studies and the role of the board in particular.

Session 7: Leadership from the board and individual action (In collaboration with Earth on Board) Discuss a framework and guiding questions to help participants activate their board on climate change. Earth on Board will introduce its “Earth Competent Board” framework to discuss the key features of a sustainable governance: Governance procedures & board committees (including approach to reporting); composition of the board and its skillset; Board agendas and strategic focus; Supporting and challenging the management. We will also invite participants to share their best practices and identified hurdles around a board meeting simulation. We will close with reflections with participants on their individual role to lead change on this topic.

Session 8: Taking the Leap & Graduation Ceremony Apply the insights gained so far and understand how to move forward with a plan for your companies and organisations, through peer learning and testimonies from external experts. We will also take the opportunity to look back on each participant’s journey and deliver certificates.

Upcoming Editions

Increase your knowledge & impact with additional learning

If (within 24 months) you complete both the Director Climate Journey and the Guberna course: A governance roadmap to sustainable value creation, you will be eligible for our joint Certificate of Sustainable Directorship.  Contact us for more details.

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