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Science Based Targets: What Executives need to know

In December we hosted an event together with CO2Logic and the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA) on the challenges & opportunities of Science Based Targets.

You can find the presentations that were shared and a short summary here below


CO2logic x Chapter Zero x BACA - Presentations
Download PDF • 6.60MB

Corporate Climate Action & What to expect from COP28 - Frederic Gagnon Lebrun (Global Senior Director, Climate Policy, Finance and Carbon Markets)

Introduction to Science Based Targets & what executives need to know - Jonas Van Bockhaven, Change Facilitator Climate at BACA

Key takeaways:

  • The SBTi is a exponentially growing global movement.

  • The effect of SBTs is leveraged via the stakeholder feedback loop. If you favour working with companies with SBTs, you can decarbonise your scope 3 emissions whilst incentivizing other companies to set SBTs as well.

  • There is increasing evidence that corporate decarbonisation offers opportunities rather than being a burden.

Achieving Science Based Targets - Challenges & Opportunities - Lizzy van Hoof, Senior Climate Solutions Advisor at CO2logic

Key takeaways:

  • The SBTi is the most common framework, available globally, to understand which targets your company needs to achieve to be aligned with science.

  • To achieve a drastic reduction in your carbon emissions, you need to rapidly accelerate the transition to renewable energy. 

  • To have an understanding of the real cost of emissions mitigation, you also have to consider the cost of inaction as well as the social cost of carbon.

  • Since the majority of emissions are located in your scope 3, engagement with suppliers and customers is key for reaching your targets. 

Case Study: The SBT Journey from a CEO's perspective  - Sven Marinus, CEO of Pluxee Belgium (formerly Sodexo Pass Belgium).


Pluxee on the road to Net Zero (1)
Download PDF • 3.54MB


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