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Get to know our new board members: Saskia Schatteman

This article is part of a series of posts we are launching to get to know our 4 new Board Members.

In this edition, we sat down with Saskia Schatteman to talk to her about her motivation and hopes for Chapter Zero Brussels.

Q: What motivated you to join the board of Chapter Zero Brussels and get involved in Climate Governance?

Saskia: The Climate challenge interests me enormously. On the one hand because I see the power and importance of nature for all of us, and on the other hand because the sense of urgency to take care of our nature and climate is really high. I wanted to get  more active, learn more about the topic and contribute in tangible ways. I was already member of Chapter Zero, and am eager to be even more involved by participating in the board.


Q: What will be your unique contribution, building on your strengths and interests?

Saskia: I want to contribute to the Chapter Zero goals via engaging and helping my network to make progress towards the climate targets. Specifically my strategy, marketing and communication expertise should be valuable here. Having worked in mobility,                    technology, media and consumer products, I am well connected in local business communities to engage on concrete and pragmatic climate topics  and actions.


Q: What do you see as a major challenge for getting board members engaged and interested in climate change and other environmental issues? 

Saskia: I see a lot of willingness to contribute to the climate challenge, but also a big need for help as this topic is complex, fast changing  and affecting businesses at the same time than many other geopolitical challenges. If we can help boards with concrete and  actionable insights and action plans, I believe we will see great progress !


Q: What do you think Chapter Zero Brussels can do, or is already doing, to help overcome these challenges?

Saskia: Our trainings and idea sharing events work really well, also the documentation and support materials are very useful . What we can do more, is engage more, connect and inspire with many more boards, until every single one of them is onboarded and capable of taking the right actions. That's what I want to help working on.


Q: What inspires you, outside of your working life?

Saskia: I am inspired by the capabilities of innovation and nature. Evey day I am amazed by its possibilities. This makes me optimistic about taking action, engaging and inspiring, until we fully tackle the climate challenge together. 


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