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Climate Reporting explained by ecoDa and PwC with the support of Chapter Zero Brussels

This webinar discusses the importance of climate reporting for board members, emphasizing that tackling climate change is crucial for corporate strategy and that business decisions and actions can either accelerate or slow down climate change.

Climate reporting helps set goals, manage change, identify and manage risks, and enhance stakeholder relations.

Various voluntary and mandatory standards for climate reporting have been developed globally. The focus is on climate reporting standards and their application, both globally and within the EU.

Climate reporting can support effective governance on corporate boards by providing information for informed decision-making, assessing materiality, and aligning incentives. Board members need to understand climate science and reporting, stay informed about frameworks and standards, and consider climate impact in every business decision.

The importance of information systems, trained staff, and robust execution of the climate strategy is highlighted. It is recommended that companies take urgent action, not wait for completion of standards, and focus on improving performance on climate metrics.

Watch the recording of the webinar here.


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