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Sustainable Governance in Action - with Etex

We recently had the pleasure of discussing sustainability strategies, climate action and governance with the CEO and Head of Sustainability of Etex.

You can view the webinar here:

And the presentation can be found here:

Etex_Sustainable Governance
Download PDF • 1.59MB

Bernard Delvaux (Group CEO) and Sergio Sandoval (Group Head of Sustainability) discussed the company's sustainability journey and addressed the challenges and opportunities, including the impact of regulations, carbon pricing, and long-term objectives. The company's approach to integrating sustainability into decision-making and governance was highlighted, emphasizing the importance of transparency and regular discussions with the board.

Some key points covered in the webinar include:

  • Overview of Etex's business divisions, products, and global presence

  • Sustainability and Innovation Journey

  • Circularity and recycling content are key aspects of sustainability.

  • Communications, customer engagement, and innovation are crucial for sustainability efforts.

  • Integration of sustainability into daily business operations and addressing new challenges like water scarcity.

  • The industry faces challenges in balancing short-term competitiveness with long-term sustainability.

  • Efforts to reduce emissions and promote sustainability require engagement and education of suppliers.

  • Key tactics include adapting energy mix, investing in new technology, and managing water usage

  • Addressing global competition, regulations, and skill development for sustainability

  • Top management support for initiatives and additional knowledge

  • Workshops with sales teams important for implementing strategy

  • Long-term perspective on climate adaptation and risk management

  • Challenges and considerations for achieving sustainability goals

  • Internal carbon pricing is used to analyze investments and profitability.

  • Family-owned businesses may have an advantage in promoting sustainability and long-term perspective.

  • Transparency and risk management are integral to sustainability decisions

  • Sustainability should be ingrained into the business like financial concepts


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