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Small, Medium Enterprises in Belgium.... how can they implement climate governance.

SMEs are increasingly facing demands from their stakeholders to take action on climate change and sustainability. Not all companies have the necessary resources to recruit full-time ESG professionals, but they share the need to act in the short term. For them, we organised a practical workshop with the aim to make a report with practical tips and immediately deployable tools. So SMEs can include sustainability in their governing bodies and move their organisation forward on some critical issues.


Together with 15 entrepreneurial colleagues we brainstormed the challenges SME's face to advance/start with Climate Governance. We thank: Brecht De Roo, Hélène Bostoen, Saartje Verbeke, Ingrid D'Haeyer, Kathleen Vandeweyer, Johan Guldix, Charlotte Binst, Ilse Tant, Jos Deslee, Christel Lootens, Henk Cottenie, Pascl Dormal, Tessa Dugardin, Tom Meeus & Ilja Bakker for their contribution, enthusiasm, ideas and critical eye!

Photos by Robert Smits Photography (

Next Steps:

  • The next edition of the physical newspaper of 'De Bestuurder' and online version will feature an article on this workshop. Please read and share!

  • We are working on (a first draft) summary of our findings and action points from the day.

  • We will get in touch with the organisations that were suggested so that we can have even more impact : Voka, Guberna...many more.

  • Create awareness about the workshop among SMEs to generate interest.

We also thank Stella-P, De Bestuurder, Robert Smits and Vlerick for working together to make all this possible.


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