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Inspiring field visit to see regenerative agriculture in practice

Our members and alumni of the Director Climate Journey spent an inspiring afternoon in Perwez visiting Soil Capital and learning about the benefits of regenerative agriculture.

It was also a moment to reconnect after graduating from the Director Climate Journey, and discussing among peers what has worked well and what has been challenging when implementing their learnings back into their boards and companies.

We would like to thank Soil Capital for hosting us and for the inspiring presentation and field visit.

More about Regenerative Agriculture:

Although agriculture accounts for 25% of global CO2 emissions, did you know it also represents one of the world's greatest assets in tackling the climate crisis? Soil is a rich ecosystem that plays an essential role in sustaining life on Earth. However, poor agricultural practices from the last decades have led to severe soil degradation, putting food security and the achievement of climate goals at risk. Nevertheless, the trend can be reversed. Regenerative agriculture absorbs carbon from the atmosphere into the soil, making it more resistant to climatic shocks such as floods and droughts. As its name suggests, its main aim is to 'regenerate' soil health, and is based on the principle that farmers can produce our food while restoring the ecological balance of our soils.

About Soil Capital:

Founded in 2013, Soil Capital is a B Corp company whose mission is to support farmers in their transition to more profitable and regenerative agriculture. Operating in France, Belgium and the UK, Soil Capital has developed a carbon certification programme based on an online greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment platform to help farmers adopt regenerative farming practices. The programme rewards the ecosystem services provided by farmers, while connecting them with companies committed to building a more resilient agricultural system.


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