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EU Green Deal: Building on success & anticipating challenges

We recently gathered our members and friends at TheMerode for an inspiring discussion on the EU Green Deal, and how we can move forward by building on success and anticipating challenges.

With warm thanks to our speakers for their open and inspiring insights shared..

Kurt Vandenberghe from DG Climate Action

And Mercedes Sanchez Varela as moderator and host of the evening 

Here you can see the pictures from the evening.

(Pictures are provided by TheMerode and Martin Pilette)

Some key take-aways....

🌊 When the EU Green Deal started, 5 years ago, we were surfing on a wave of public support, with a front runner position in the world of environmental policy


🌎 Now we are facing the opposite situation, with public support wavering (and increased disinformation) and with increasing efforts from other major nations around the world including the US and China

⏰ At the same time, the EU has recently published a risk report that outlines the dire situation that we are in. (Available here:

Therefore, the EU has no choice but to stay the course on the climate agenda, and the good news is, we are on track to reach our 2030 targets.

⏭ Kurt Vandenberghe shared with us his thoughts on how the next phase of the EU Green Deal needs to focus on Implementation, Investment, Industry, International collaboration and Engagement & Explaining. 

The transition is coming, climate change is happening - do we want this change to happen by disaster or by design?

🌿 Julia Bognar explained the "reality check" of nature and land systems in Europe and made a strong case for hashtag#NatureBasedSolutions to reach Net Zero. She also made a strong call to action for businesses to ensure that risks of climate change and biodiversity loss are properly accounted for, ensuring the models and scenarios used are not overly optimistic. 

❤️ Bart Steukers made a strong case for competitiveness and sustainability, and the role and willingness of business to support the transition - as long as "the basics" are taken care of to enable business to thrive and be successful. The audience will remember his call to action for more Love for business, and how a supportive and helpful attitude can make all the difference. 

Thank you to Natacha Lippens and Denis Knoops for welcoming the guests, and to everyone at TheMerode for the warm welcome, as always!


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