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CSRD, ESRS and the Board of Directors

Great insights from Andreas Rasche, Professor and Associate Dean from Copenhagen Business School.

CSRD and ESRS define new transparency requirements and tasks for Board of Directors (summary below). This is a much-needed, yet often overlooked, part of the regulation. It shows that ESG governance cannot be seen decoupled from all the reporting on metrics.

With all the (positive and negative) hype around the new European regulatory 'tsunami', I sometimes feel that we overemphasize indicator-based compliance but neglect the role of enablers such as ESG governance.

In the end, compliance with CSRD, ESRS, the Taxonomy will do little good if it is not embedded into a robust internal governance system that builds links to corporate strategy. Otherwise, we have lots of reporting, but too little action...

(Reshared with permission from the author - see original post here)


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