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Climate Governance in Action - with SIPEF

In September we organised a webinar together with the Family Business Network Belgium to highlight best practice in sustainability & governance. We were fortunate to welcome Francois Van Hoydonck (Managing Director) and Petra Meekers (Chief Operating Officer APAC) from SIPEF.

The webinar began with an overview of SIPEF's sustainability journey, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable tropical agriculture, certification, and transparency and the tools, reporting and certification that they are using to support their strategy. The speakers also discussed materiality assessment and reporting, including key performance indicators and integrated reporting that combines financial and sustainability aspects.

The webinar addressed future challenges in sustainability, double materiality, and the challenges businesses face in achieving net-zero emissions. Additionally, the discussion covered emission reporting, forest conservation and data utilization for sustainability strategies. Overall, the webinar provides valuable insights into SIPEF's sustainability journey and best practices in climate governance.

You can watch the webinar here:


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