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Chapter Zero Brussels welcomes a new Chairperson - Natacha Lippens

We sat down with Natacha Lippens to ask her some questions as she starts a new mandate as Chair of the Board of Directors of Chapter Zero Brussels.

Why did you accept the challenge to be the new chairperson for CZB?

I was first introduced to CZB in March 2021, when I was approached to speak at the inaugural event alongside Jean-Marc Jancovici, Didier Reynders and Jaap Winter. (To watch this event click here). When I first heard about CZB’s mission to leverage the central position of Board of Directors, the European Union Institutions and the World Economic Forum in the fight against Climate Change, I immediately knew that the work of CZB was important, and something I wanted to be part of. I subsequently joined the Board of CZB and as of September 2022 accepted the role of Chair of the Board.

However, it is not only CZB’s mission which drives me but in addition, I am very inspired by the CZB team and the work they do. I really appreciate working alongside my fellow directors, Stephanie and Ilja. When Cedric expressed his willingness to step aside from his role as Chair of the Board, I accepted this new role as I wished to continue working with these wonderful people and help CZB enter its next phase.

What have you learnt in the past as a board director and what made you be a candidate?

Today, I sit on several Boards ranging from companies involved in food production, real-estate development, as well as impact investment funds or more innovative ventures such as bio-sourced biodegradable plastics, many of these are fairly typical businesses of the Belgian landscape. I see through these mandates that we all have a part to play as responsible inhabitants of the World. No matter how small the company or the area of activity; individuals, Boards of Directors and companies as a whole, all have a valuable role to play in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss, to ensure a sustainable future for all.

How would you like CZB to evolve, grow?

When one considers that in March 2023, CZB will be celebrating our 2-year anniversary, I am always amazed by how much CZB has already achieved: 600+ members and friends, a world class education program for Directors (with almost 100 alumni already), several conferences and workshops organised… all in such a short space of time! I am so impressed by the hard work and energy of all those involved. This would of course not have been possible without the quality of people we have around us and the generous sponsorship of our partners and outstanding volunteers. For this next stage, I hope for CZB to grow out of this startup phase and enter a more mature and stable phase, while remaining agile and addressing the various needs of Board Directors in order to best address their companies Green House Gas (GHG) emission reductions.

Anything else you would like to share with readers?

We are facing unprecedented change in terms of the speed of change as well as the uncertainty this brings. There are risks and opportunities that come with any change, just as there will be those that successfully evolve and those who are left behind. It will not be chance alone deciding in which category companies will fall but managers and board members. Competent, informed and courageous Board Directors will be key to success when facing this global challenge. I do hope CZB may be able to empower Board of Directors across Belgium and the EU to ensure climate accountability and act on reducing GHG emissions and that this becomes business as usual.


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